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 How to Organize a Proper Role-Play

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PostSubject: How to Organize a Proper Role-Play   Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:34 pm

This topic is an explanation on how you should organize a proper role-play if you wish to start one. Remember that role-plays can either have rules or they can't. That is up to you, as you are the creator of that specific role-play. What you want to be done in the role-play is your decision alone and no one else's.

- When you are typing up the initial topic post of a role-play, be sure to type up a clear description of what it is. Don't just start off with a post that details your character in some area looking up at the sky or something. Other role-players need to know what kind of characters they can and cannot use for that specific role-play. Is it a closed role-play or is it open to anything? That is what you must clarify in your topic.

- A closed role-play is a role-play that is set around a specific setting/time/reality and nothing else. If you are going to be doing a closed role-play, then you must state whether or not it is closed. For example, let's say you were going to start a closed role-play in a medieval setting. Would there only be humans allowed? Would it have even more fantasy than that and allow character types such as elves, dwarves, and others? This is another thing that you must state in your topic.

- Another thing you must keep in mind when organizing your own role-play is character appearance. You could allow the people joining your role-play to just post a starter describing their character, or you could ask them to post a starter with a link to a picture of their character in the same post (this is done in brackets, outside the role-play itself). Sometimes character description in posts just isn't enough, and some role-players need an image to know who/what they are role-playing their characters with.

Follow these rather simple steps and you will have a well-organized role-play in no time.


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How to Organize a Proper Role-Play
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