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 The Thousand Year War. /Story/ Open-

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PostSubject: The Thousand Year War. /Story/ Open-   Thu May 12, 2011 3:09 am

OOC; Okay, so this is a story I wrote a some two years ago. I haven't changed anything, no need. Though the punctuation and what-not could be better. But anyway. If you've played it. it's a 'Dynasty Warriors' style. One person with back ups, within an army, under one lord. Fights another of the same, for 'dominance' So. You can join or not. ;;New; characters. none of the on this site, all of them are way to damn OP xD. So, yeah. here's the beginning.

Earth. Full of moronic people, greedy people, violent people. The list of what can be found continues but the gods watched over the planet and what is the greatest joy that the gods could derive from watching humans frolic to and fro? The rapes? The murders? Perhaps the criminally insane? No, only one thing would get the blood of a god to flow. And flow at a high speed, feel the adrenal glands pulsate with a violent twitch. War. Something that mankind can always be counted on to wage. Be it over a stolen tool, a piece of food, perhaps wanting to aquire one's wife, land, or daughter. Many types of war could be waged but when someone says WAR. What do you think? A petty squabble with someone being stabbed to death? No. You think hills flowing with blood, screams, battle crys, warlords, peons, pawns, kings, queens. You think of something that will forever go down in history. Well. I'm here to inform you of the story of such a war. One that the history of Lacafa will never forget; The thousand year storm.

Every hundred years mankind breeds what can only be called the exceptional, the excelled, the ones that just by being go above and beyond. What can you really say to such a person? Well, Allow me to give you an insight into two peoples lives . The young mans name was Velad Xinagata. The second you shall meet later. Now, Velad grew up with a 'happy' life enviroment being a lonely child he had the world handed to him, coddled by his parents if you will. But one fateful day, as fate always seems to do with the 'happy' Life kicked him directly in the nuts, then took a **** on his face. A war had been waging in the town, the very land that Velad and his family took residence within at the age of seventeen his parents were killed by stray arrows from off the left side of the land. A rain of arrows came falling from the sky like bolts of thunder launched by the gods to usurp his perfect life. A section of arrows peirced his mothers heart, and her neck killing her and pinning her to the floor. His father however died slow and painful as one pierced his stomach and hit him just right that his stomach acid leaked into his veins corroding his body inside out. The day after his parents were killed Velad made the only choice he could; vengence. He joined the 'war' being waged. He stepped into training under the ranks of Lord Tomocas.

Tomocas wasn't what you would call a hardass, he tried to 'befriend' all his recruits, and in the three years of being under his command Velad rose, and rose fast. He was the youngest, and fastest recruit to ever become a General of his own batallion. Normally it took ten years to rise to that rank, Velad did it in three. And a General was he indeed. Velad ended up having a specific armor melded for him, it was of the finest black metal anyone could find it was almost mettalic and glowed against his flesh. The suit of armor was like that of Midevil knights minus openings. Weak points consisted of the back of his knees, and his hands. On his hands he held what could only be called light weight fighter gloves, fingerless, and made of a soft, bendable material. Studding his armor from his head to his feet almost like a raptor or a dinosaur where horns, or spikes if you wish each spaced by 9 inchs. The armor made little to no sound despite it's sound each piece weighing about 45 pounds apiece, the helment a good 62. His weapons of choice comprised of two medium-short range weapons and a Long range. Upon his back he held a bow, the bow itself came with only five shots apiece each one held to the bow with a form of string made of torn leather. The bow's materials very much unknown, but after the five shots he normally dropped the bow letting someone behind him pick it up for later reslotting of the five shots. Upon his back also rested a broadsword. This sword was not your average size, nor an average weight. Velad himself stood at a towering 6'6 he weighed in at well over 378 pounds. His body was built like that of a bull muscle pulsating against his taunt flesh under the armor with each movement. His dark brown hair normally hidden under the helmet came down to his shoulders, dark piercing brown eyes also pressed against the sunken sockets attached to flesh that had seen too much sun, and not enough rest. Eyes the haunting expression of his being. The broadsword to further continue was a good 120 pounds. The blade had crushed tables out of his rage, or torn someones body clean in half with enough force to dead stop a siege weapon. The blade's length was 5 foot long and nearly touched the ground as he walked. Upon his hip rested a Jian a short range sword with blue lace at the end to signify 'general'

To further the story of this young man. He was well respected by those under him, and even those in higher command. He was feared by those who heard his name, Whispers of his triumphs had reached every general, every lord, and every troop across the nation leaving him far from unknown. On one particular day, everything changed however.

Start of the war from Tomocas compound;

'VELAD!' The voice cut through the air like a sharp knife as the owner of the name grumbled, that voice, everytime it was heard he wanted to cut out the voice box belonging to it's owner 'What the hell do you want?' Velad's voice was seething with annoyance at the one disrupting his nap.
'Is that how you treat a higher ranking officer?!' Said the person nearly stumbling over themself with shock.
'Yeah, when that person is a snot nosed, *** kisser, What do you WANT?!' Velad's eyes opened, brown hues burning softly as they set upon the face of Ricta, Ricta was Lord Tomocas's son, and a royal pain in the ***.

Ricta shook his head as he bit back a growl' My father wishes to see you' With that he walked off. Velad caught a short whisper of 'tightass' and laughed softly as he slung his blade over his shoulder and began his arise up the steps to the Compound door. His left foot rose as he kicked the door open, a strong gust of wind came up behind him and ruffled across the room blowing papers off the table and against the earth under the table. Lord Tomocas stood there unshifting as he gazed at Velad. Instantly his body shifted as he fell to one knee and bowed his head' My lord..'
'Rise, Velad, you are like a son to me, I told you. Never bow to me.' Said Tomocas softly.
Velad rose and nodded softly walking over to the table' Apologies sir, it's just hard for me to get use to it..'

Dismissing it Tomocas placed his hands behind his back and gazed at his four generals, Sighing he spoke softly' Gentlemen, You are my war council, my closest friends, my loyal generals, and my bodyguards. I'm afraid the time has come.. Tomorrow we go to war. At daybreak we set forth from our compound and go meet the Terusna tigers in combat..'
Velad grinned, he couldn't help it. He'd wish for nothing more then to take the Head of Captain Tiberius' Tigerclaw' Xerafin. He laughed, the laughter resounding off the walls as the other generals even Tomocas gazed at him like he'd lost his mind' PERFECT!' His voice rose forth as he turned and stepped out of the room.

'Such a stubborn ***...'
'***? Ha.. you have no idea'
'Perhaps.. But he's the best of us all.'

Velad whistled as he stepped into the middle of the encampment and all his men lined up gazing at him' SIR?!'
'Gentlemen. Get ready. Tomorrow. We march upon the Tigerclaws. What are we?'
'Very good. Go about your business, get ready to leave in 5.' With that he turned around and stepped into his tent to have a drink.


İń ŧĥė ńąmě of ģőđ įmpūŕę şŏũŀš óf ťĥē ľįvįńĝ đēāđ šĥāľľ bė bąńįşĥēđ įńŧŏ ęŧėŕńāļ ďămńāťįőń. Ăměń"
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The Thousand Year War. /Story/ Open-
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