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 Drawing! Let's Get To It!

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Koskos Ehecatl Acintris
Koskos Ehecatl Acintris

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PostSubject: Drawing! Let's Get To It!   Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:46 pm

Hola everyone. Coming to this place is always an inspiration for something, and I am well aware that it inspires people to draw! Though many don't want to admit it or perhaps they are embarrassed of showing, we can all acknowledge the fact the drawing is what puts our emotions onto something viewable or solid. Much like music, drawing is simply the world of how we see things. There are many kind of different styles of art, they come in many forms and perceptions. Whether influenced by Manga artists or Realistic artists, it's all art viewed by an individual who might see the world different than yourself. There are many different styles and names of art that not all can be totally explained, so let's keep it at DRAWING.

It begins with a thought and it soon develops into something for all to see. No one can see what you're thinking till you put it on paper!(Unless a psychic is near you, AH!) Let's get going!


1. Must be YOUR drawing! (Easy enough but let's some of us be honest, well whoever does this, but some people actually take artwork from others just because theirs aren't good, so they take from others and claim it for theirs! Let's try to keep it honest, if I somehow find out that a drawing from one of us is out there with another artist name, I will bring it up.)

2. ALWAYS embed your NAME onto your artwork. (This will help individuals keep away from taking your drawing. I know for many that this is the number one problem. See example below.)

3. Any kind of art can be placed here! (Like stated earlier, it doesn't matter what style of art you do. It can be ANY kind/style. Art is art.)

4. Color or not, doesn't matter.

5. Dalton's whisper: "All submissions must abide by EternalKingdom's rules regarding pictures." (Rules are rules for a darn good reason, folks!)

I know people don't like rules or many rules but they are necessary. Let's follow these 5 easy steps please. So let's start folks!

p.s. If any of you have any more ideas on the rules, please message me. : ]


"Don't Wait For The Future, Create It."
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Drawing! Let's Get To It!
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