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 Rules of the Site

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:29 am

This is a topic displaying all the rules of EternalKingdom. Please follow these rules, as they are here so that the site runs smoothly without any chaos or concern. We are all here to either talk or role-play with one another, so there is no need to step out of line. Still, rules are important for keeping a hold on things and how they revolve around a website.

Rule 1: Remember to be respectful to all the other users of the forums or chatroom(s). There is no reason for you to step out of line, even if provoked. If provoked, then I or another Administrator/Moderator will handle the situation to the best of our ability. If anyone harasses you, flames you, or trolls you and we do not see it, please alert us to the situation and we will get on it ASAP.

Rule 2: Do not step out of line or begin arguing with an Administrator/Moderator. These people are Administrators/Moderators because I place my utmost trust in their judgment. I trust them to run the site well while I am not on, and they all know the rules. It is their job to enforce a rule if it is violated, and it is not your place to go against that. This is so we can keep order on the site.

Rule 3: When making an account, do not choose a display name that has derogatory/inappropriate words/terms in it. I will not go into detail about the words themselves, but you should be able to judge the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. Anyone with an inappropriate display name will be given a warning, and if they continue to use the same name after that, then they will be banned.

Rule 4: When posting in a role-play topic, be sure you follow the previously stated rules of that specific role-play. This means following things like closed role-plays (closed role-plays are role-plays taking place in one setting/timeline/style with no exception for anything else) as they should be followed. Also be sure that any OOC (out of character) posting is kept to a minimum. You should not be posting OOC unless it is needed. Try and keep all your posts IC (in character) and actually make a post relevant to the role-play. Role-play topics are for role-playing, not for conversation (this happens only when needed).

Rule 5: You may use any picture for your avatar as long as it does not have noticeable nudity in it. This includes things like nipples (pertaining to girls/women), private parts (all genders), or anything of that sort. Any pictures like this will just warrant you a warning, and if you continue to use more of the same style of pictures later on, you may be banned. This site is not meant for pornographic material of any kind. However, pictures with some skin showing are allowed, as long as it does not go against the previously stated rules.

Rule 6: When you attach your signature to your forum post, make sure that it doesn't have a picture in it that's too big. A signature with an image in it that's too big and just clutters topics will result in an Administrator/Moderator contacting you about it.

Rule 7: There will be no cybering or anything sexual-related in the Chatbox. This is because this is all one room, and no one wants to sit in a room watching people do something that should be done in private. Until further notice, this rule will be enforced to a great degree. If you are caught cybering, or doing anything that could be deemed as sexual while in the Chatbox, then you will be given a warning. If you continue to do so after that, then you will be banned. The same rule applies for the forums, as well.

Lastly, just have fun and post to your heart's content. The more posts we have on EK, the more active our website is. The more our community grows, the more people we will have in the future. I am not going to type up too long of a post detailing dozens of different rules. I just wanted to lay out several simple rules for you (the users) to follow.
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Rules of the Site
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