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A site for role-players from all around. Role-play to your heart's content or compete in fierce battles with others. Let your imagination run wild as you create your own role-play or join something on-going. Welcome to EternalKingdom, and enjoy your stay.
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PostSubject: Eternal Kingdom Staff   Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:17 am

This is just a reminder to reiterate who is apart of the EK staff. As some of you know, the staff has been fairly consistent since the days of Nomad's Reconciliation. Given that there are new members, not everyone may be acquainted with the staff. Therefore, I present to everyone a list of the staff. Mind you, the jurisdictions of the staff may change if and when another chat application is implemented for both private and public role-play purposes:

- InnerSolace
- Hal™

- Zaikun Furodaiken
- Koskos Ehecatl Acintris
- Wrath
- C i x e l
- Nimo

*All staff members listed above are also moderators of the ChatBox

*Again, the position of certain staff members may change when the alternative chat application is in place (although this is in speculation)

Please remember to keep your signature at an appropriate size, perhaps along the lines of a standard signature. Things like GIF images, which may cause people who have dial-up or a sub-par internet connection to suffer (and we wouldn't want that) should be kept to a bare minimum and size. This also applies to having one too many images attached to your signature as well. Keep it at a reasonable amount; quotes on the other hand, are fine.

There has also been an added rule that regards the ChatBox (i.e, rule 7) that everyone should check out if they haven't already been informed.


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Eternal Kingdom Staff
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